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I am excited to announce that I have entered the Interational Conference on Hyperacusis to be held in June 2017 in Guildford, England.  This conference is an excellent platform to gain more knowledge on the complicated matter of hyperacusis, learning from top researchers and clinicians in the field.  This will be an exceptional opportunity to catch up with the latest trends and findings in hyperacusis, and will undoubtedly enrich my skills as a therapist working with hyperacusis.  The focus points will bring together studies of audiology, mental health, neuroscience, psychoacoustics and neurology.  The conference is further extended with an intensive workshop on assessment and management of hyperacusis, which I will also attend.

Highlights of the topics include:

  • Patients feeling uncomfortable during standard testing procedures – what should we do?
  • How can we distinguish between auditory and psychological factors and how should we deal with it optimally?
  • Audiologist-led Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Latest research about misophonia
  • Does the loss of auditory nerve fibers lead to hyperacusis and/or tinnitus?
  • Hyperacusis in Autism.
  • The latest research on hyperacusis in chronic tinnitus
  • How does noise sensitivity differ from hyperacusis?
  • Do people with hyperacusis respond differently to ambient noise than others?

Of course, I will write about my new knowledge on these topics soon, so watch this space.  I cannot wait to bring new information and skills to our beloved South Africa!